There are times when hump day rolls around and it isn’t a huge jolt of energy we need, but rather a moment to pause, take a deep breath, and mentally flush our brain of all the activity that is happening around us. I know what you are thinking. No, I’m no psychic, but I am a mom and I am betting what is running through your mind right now goes something along the lines of: ‘If I close my eyes for even ½ a second my kids will have crawled in the dryer and locked themselves in. Then the cat will jump on the dryer turning the power on and sending the kids into a cyclical fury that they will narrowly escape by kicking out the dryer window which will result in the dryer catching on fire and the house burning down.’

Am I close? Sounds relaxing doesn’t it?!

In all seriousness, I know that finding a moment can be hard. I get it. What I am proposing is that on this Wednesday, just find five minutes (that’s 300 seconds for those that are counting). Whether those five minutes are at nap time or while Dad is on momentary swing set duty – take just five minutes to stop, take deep breaths, and think about something lovely. It could be your favorite poem, an inspiring biblical verse, or even a joke your best friend told you that made you laugh. Just dwell on it. FOR FIVE FULL MINUTES.

After that, take a quick moment to read my Monday Motivation as a gentle reminder as to how you want to complete this week.  Then, go get your kids out of the dryer.