And if your kid makes more of a mess while you're doing your clean up/workout, then you get extra calorie burning time!

Wednesday is a busy day for most of us. I know it is for me. I am working hard to ensure the final stretch of my week is productive and the anticipation of the weekend with family and friends keeps me motivated to keep trucking along. When weekend indulgences are in sight, I like to ensure I am splurging guilt-free by getting in a few really good sweat sessions during the week. I also like to get our house in some kind of order before the weekend approaches so I don’t have to worry about weekend cleaning.

This is where my sprint cleaning, muscles screaming workout comes in. I know what you are thinking – ‘you said fun, right?!’  Yes, I did!

Here’s the deal. Get ready for some double duty action that gets your heart rate pumping and your house a little spiffier in twenty minutes.

  1. Set your timer for twenty minutes (use the oven timer, the microwave clock, or an egg timer).  Now, blast some of your favorite music and you are ready to go!
  2.  Pick out the area of your house that most needs a clean sweep. If you have smaller rooms in your home, you may even be able to knock out the living room and a bedroom or two.
  3. For five full minutes, pick up toys, knick-knacks, and anything that is on the floor by using a deep squat when you reach down (legs wide, push through the heels, and push that booty back). While you are down, hold the squat for five seconds before coming back up and putting the item you picked up in its proper place. Continue for five minutes. Squat. Hold. Pick up. Put up. Repeat.
  4. Get out the vacuum (it’s a necessary evil, folks) and get ready to lunge your dirt away! Set the timer for eight minutes. Vacuum the area while only using forward lunges. Alternate the leg you lead with. Watch the knee and don’t let it come over the toe and bring the torso straight down as you push the vacuum out in front of you with only one hand to engage the arm muscles. Bring the legs back together as you pull the vacuum back towards you and repeat. Be sure and switch the arm you push with halfway through your eight minutes.
  5. It’s window washing time! Take out your favorite cleaner and rag – and get ready to wipe that arm flab bye-bye! Using slow, controlled, sweeping large circles begin to wipe your surface most filled with the sticky handprints. Alternate between using your right and left arm. This method could also work for dusting! Make sure to focus on squeezing those arm muscles as you make big circles. Slow movement is the key here! Continue for five minutes.
  6. Two minutes left! Take advantage of those warm muscles and use these last two minutes to stretch and breathe deeply. Make sure to focus on both the lower and upper body.

Now, enjoy the rest of your week…and a tidy house!