Mid-week mental madness can often come because we begin to feel as if we are drowning in our own inner voices reminding us that we need to pick up some groceries, finish cleaning out the linen closet, begin that project for work, start shopping for cute but unique Halloween costumes that our kid will actually agree to wear and…insert the rest of your own inner voice torture tactics here ______________.

I think at times the best thing that we can do when we become suffocated by our own mental manifestation of everything we have on our plate, is to take some time to think about someone else. I know this can seem impossible at times, right? You barely have enough time to shower and brush your teeth, let alone volunteer a day building a house for someone else, right? Well, maybe. However, you don’t have to devote a day – or even an hour if you don’t have it. You should realize though that sometimes the best therapy for ourselves is to look outside of ourselves to actually realize how fortunate we are.

Find a cause that has meaning for you. October is a great time to do this. You probably know that it is national Breast Cancer Awareness month. Maybe you make a vow to wear pink everyday for a week in honor of a friend, family member, or even a stranger who fought this all-too-common battle. Look up the local American Cancer Society chapter in your area, chances are they are hosting a Making Strides Walk this month. Walk in it. Make a donation. Volunteer for the event. Host a walk if your town doesn’t have one already. You decide: an hour, a day, a month. It all counts.

It is also National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Did you know that one in four women will be affected by domestic violence? Wear purple. Find a shelter and donate time, money, clothing. You decide. It all counts.

It is also National Diabetes Month and…I think you get where I am going with this.

Bottom line – take a moment to look outside your own Wednesday worries and plan to do something for someone else. No matter how small or how big. It all counts.