When is the last time that you read a book that didn’t include children’s illustrations or wasn’t an instruction manual to put together a child’s toy? Let’s all take a moment to think.

If you are anything like me, you had to think a really, really, really long time to answer that question. In fact, I am still thinking.

I missed the Shades of Grey train (and frankly, I personally couldn’t justify carving out time to read if there wasn’t any takeaway of substance) and when I head in to my local bookstore, my body seems to move in cruise control as we make our way straight to the children’s section (okay, so maybe I find time to grab a cup of coffee on the way over) and settle in to begin reciting another rendition of Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

When the tiny toddler window of tiny time has ticked away and we begin to head out the book store before a not-so-tiny toddler tantrum erupts, I find that I pass adoringly by the inspirational section of shelves looking longingly at the covers that I am quite sure, given the time to read, could make my life astonishingly more productive. I give a little wave to the latest biographies of strong-willed women that I know that if I could just pick up and take home with me, we would be BFF for life. And I promise that little table of New Releases that I will one day be back to give them the proper attention they deserve, even if they are in the clearance bin when we meet again.

You may know where I am going with this. For this Wednesday’s Wind Up I vow to choose a book and dedicate at least twenty minutes of reading time a day to it. That’s feasible, right? I know it will likely only happen right before bed when the house is finally quiet and all I want to do is shut my eyes… but I am going to do it. I remember the feeling of refreshment and escape that comes with taking time out to read (it is a vague, distant memory, but nonetheless, I remember). We all deserve that.

If nothing else, this is a “stop and smell the roses” moment. At best, it is an opportunity to discuss with other adults something aside from what gets permanent marker off walls. We’ll see.

Who is in on the challenge? I’m reading Beth Moore’s Breaking Free with my girlfriends for a bible study. It is AMAZING!

What book suggestions do you have?

One book – twenty minutes a day. We can do this! We deserve this.