If you’re like us, you always reach for a pair of plain bikini briefs when you get dressed each morning. Chances are, nobody is going to see them besides you, so why bother with an overly sexy pair? The truth is, lingerie shouldn’t always be worn for someone else but for yourself, too! Here’s why you should toss aside the boring pair and go for the sexy ones!


It will make you feel confident. Think back to when you first purchased that piece of lingerie. Did it make you feel sexy? Of course it did, or else you probably wouldn’t have bought it in the first place! By rocking your lingerie on a normal day at the office, you will automatically exude confidence. Only you know what’s under those business clothes, so it’s like your own little secret.

It will put you in touch with your sensuality. Even if you haven’t worn your lingerie in the bedroom lately, it will remind you of a time when you did. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, the feeling of sexy lingerie will ignite your inner seductress for the future.

It will increase your spontaneity. You’re already feeling confident, so after a long day at work, you can surprise your spouse with your little secret. Nothing will make you feel sexier!