Maybe it’s just us, but it seems like Halloween is a lot like Christmas in the sense that you celebrate it all month long. From picking pumpkins to trick-or-treating, it feels like we’ve celebrated Halloween 10 times over.

While it was fun, we’re a little glad it’s over. But guess what isn’t done? That huge dish of halloween candy. Those sugary devils seem to be everywhere and while we’ve been rationing how much the kids can have, it can be hard to stop yourself from reaching into that dish a few times a day.

As a sweet tooth alternative, we’ve come up with a simple idea: chocolate and banana. There are tons of frozen chocolate banana treat recipes flooding Pinterest. However, most were dipped or covered in chocolate and, to be honest, that isn’t much better than eating that mini Snickers you’ve been eyeing.

banana chocolate chips

These little bites contain far less calories but still pack a little chocolate punch that is needed — let’s rephrase that, deserved — after just denying yourself that mini Snickers. And simplicity is the key! Simply cut a banana in bite-sized slices and push one chocolate chip in the center of each. Pop them in the freezer and have a bite-sized sweet snack alternative on hand.
What’s your favorite way to beat a sweet tooth? Let us know in the comments!