The key to reaching your fitness potential is to challenge yourself, which is harder than it sounds. Sometimes to really push ourselves we need a push from someone else, well consider this your push! We went through the Skinny Mom archives to find some of the toughest exercises you can incorporate into your workout routine. Add a few these strength training moves to next gym session and feel the burn!

Ski Abs With Sliding Disks: Get ready to blast your obliques!  Even the fittest among us will struggle with this one. Click here for the full instructions.

ski abs with sliding disks


Kettlebell Renegade Rows:  These rows are a great way to work your arms, back shoulders, and core.  If you don’t have kettlebells grab a dumbbell. For step-by-step instruction, click here.

kettlebell renegade rows

One Leg Squats:  Disclaimer, most of us can’t even do a one leg squat at first, so don’t get discouraged.  This exercise is great for balance and muscle growth, using one leg at a time ensures each leg is pulling it’s weight and activates more muscles in the leg. For more details on this move, click here. 

One Leg Squat

Stability Ball Bench Dip Stability ball exercises aren’t just for your abs!  This exercise isolates your triceps, engages your core, and improves your balance. Click here for full instructions.

stability ball bench dip

Ab Cyclone:  With a name like “ab cyclone” you know this exercise has to be tough!  Don’t worry about not being able to complete that many reps, just concentrate on doing it right.  To get more details on the Ab Cyclone, click here.

ab cyclone

We’re pretty sure if you took an exercise poll, burpees would be the number one exercise people love to hate.  Burpees are a great full body workout, require no equipment and very little space, and get your heart pumping.  Try finishing up your workout with some burpees!  Learn more about burpees here.


Wall Sits:  Wall sits work your quads, hamstrings, and adductors.  See how long you can hang!  Click here to be taken to step-by-step instructions.

wall sit

Spiderwoman Push Ups:  Trust us, these are harder than they look!  Even if you can bang out a set of push ups without breaking a set these are sure to challenge you.  To learn the specifics of this move, click here.

Spiderwoman push up

Kettlebell Swings:  Kettlebell swings are an awesome full body exercise, maybe even the best.  They work your upper body, lower body, and core as well as increasing your aerobic and anaerobic capacity.  Get step-by-step instructions here, and feel free to give one-arm swings and overhead swings a go too.

kettlebell swings

Wood Chopper:  Wood choppers are an extremely effective exercise, targeting shoulder, abs, obliques, glutes, quads, and hamstrings.  Try a few sets next time you’re working your abs. For details on the Wood Chopper, click here.

Wood Chopper


Dumbbell Front + Lateral Raises:  You’ve probably done front raises, and you’ve probably done lateral raises, so it’s time to combine to two!  Your shoulders will be begging for mercy. To learn more about this move, click here.

Dumbbell Front Lateral Raise


Plank Jacks:  Think of these as upgrade for your high school gym class jumping jacks.  Looking for more of a challenge?  Add a push up between jacks. Click here for more instructions.

plank jack

Have you picked out what exercises you’re going to try?  Let us know how do in the comments!