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We All Need a Hero, Mentor, or Role Model

There are heroes, role models, and mentors all around us. Women and men whom we look up to because they inspire and amaze us. Some are famous actors/actresses, athletes, and others are good friends, neighbors or local celebrities.

Unfortunately, many famous athletes and actors/actresses we considered heroes, mentors or role models through the years have recently been in the media – and not with a positive influence. It is sad to see someone like Tiger Woods or Lance Armstrong who have achieved so much and yet lied consistently, finally admit his wrongdoing. On one hand it is a disgrace, yet on the other, you get a glimpse of what a guilty conscience can produce. It takes a ton of courage to come forth and admit your faults.

We praise them, we honor them and aspire to reach their level of success, then all of a sudden we learn they cheated or lied…it makes you take a step back and contemplate whether that specific achievement is truly possible. The individual may have trained hard, but is the end result really achievable without outside influences? Can the human body accomplish the specific task on it’s own? When you have fame and fortune, can you be a truly good person? Not to mention, if the said individual is also your child’s mentor, how do you go about explaining the situation to them. We are only human, and we do make mistakes which we hopefully learn from.

Maybe your role model or inspiration is a good friend. Does he/she inspire you because they are organized? Maybe they know how to handle all that life throws at them? Maybe they are successful both at home and in the workplace – have they achieved the perfect ‘work-life” balance you strive for?

Here are a 6 of my heroes:

You don’t need to have a famous person as a role model, hero, mentor or true inspiration, it can be anyone, anywhere….a family member, a friend, a neighbor. Just look around and you will find many. Whoever it is that you do look up to, cherish them and learn from them – positive or negative. Believe it or not, you are someone’s role model, hero, and inspiration too!