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If you have yet to hear about the new water-trend, coconut water, you must be living under a rock. Between the A-list celebrity endorsements and world-renowned doctor recommendations, coconut water has really made a name for itself. However, despite coconut water’s sterling reputation, there’s a new water on the block that’s ready to propose a challenge, and that water’s name is maple water. To help you decide which water is best for you, we are giving you the skinny-scoop on both.

Coconut Water

What It Is: This refreshing drink has a sweet, almost nutty taste and is packed with nutrients. Not to be confused with coconut milk or oil, this clear liquid comes from the center of the young, green fruit. COPRA Coconut Water believes that coconut water is the perfect drink for those in need of some serious hydration.

What’s In It: With five essential electrolytes (potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium), this drink is perfect for refueling after a long, hard workout, and has fewer calories, less sugar, less sodium, and more potassium than the average sports drink.

Bonus: In addition to providing post-workout hydration, coconut water can help to heal all types of ailments from hangovers to kidney stones.

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Maple Water

What It Is: Maple water has recently been named as one of nature’s best-kept secrets. As this water makes its way into grocery stores across the country, it’s offering buyers yet another new and delicious spin on traditional, tasteless water.

Where It Comes From: According to one of our favorite maple water brands, BetterSweet Maple Water, the creation of maple water involves the pull of water from the soil up through the roots of a maple tree into the trunk and back down. The trees are then tapped for the water, the same ingredient that’s boiled to make maple syrup. As the maple flows through the tree, it picks up both sugar and minerals like calcium, potassium, manganese and magnesium, making this water flavorful and packed with vitamins and minerals. While maple water does differ greatly from syrup, it still has a light, delicate and sweet flavor, making staying hydrated feel more like a treat than a chore.

What’s In It: The low calorie drink is also packed with hydrating compounds, and has been known to assist with thyroid health, bone strength and vitamin absorption.

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Not sure which to choose? Perhaps a taste-test will help! We’re giving away a six-pack of COPRA Coconut Water and a case of BetterSweet Maple Water to one lucky winner!