Everyone who knows me knows I miss my flat stomach. I was fortunate enough to have a nice flat tummy until my 30s. I started to lose it after my Myomectomy (fibroid tumor removal from my uterus). They cut into my abdominal wall and I pretty much could say good-bye to that nice, flat stomach. After that, I had three babies along with three cesarean sections. So my abdominal muscles are not strong and I suspect they never plan to be flat again. Still I obsess. I think about it all the time. I remember my flat tummy, and I miss it.

woman with strong abs posing for fitness shot

Since I obsess over it, I also notice every flat tummy I come across. If you don’t have a flat tummy I think, “Ok, she struggles too.” If you have a flat tummy I think, “Lucky duck.” I notice all the flat tummies on actresses in movies and television shows. The fashion styles I love on Pinterest show a woman with a flat tummy. I can’t stop thinking about it. Of course you’d think I’d be doing abdominal exercises all day and working towards that 6-pack goal. Some weeks I do, but most weeks I don’t. I do want to be that person who works toward my flat tummy goal. I want to be motivated! I need to be motivated!

Here are some easy rules to follow that will help me (and you!) get the flat tummy back.

Get enough sleep at night: Sleep deprivation affects your health in more ways than just making you groggy. Sleep restores your body and prepares you for the next day.

Eat lean protein: Your body relies on protein to grow and repair muscles and tissue. Lean protein provides energy and substance for the body.

Eat smaller meals: Eat more small meals throughout the day instead of only a few large ones. It’s best to eat a small portion every four hours or so.

Eat raw fruits and vegetables: They take longer to digest, keeping you full longer. Fruits and veggies also have lots of health benefits.

Avoid late-night snacks: When possible, avoid eating a full meal or giving into cravings late at night. If needed, only eat a healthy snack to curb hunger.

Drink plenty of water: Staying hydrated is vital for all body functions. Your body may need more water than the generally recommended 8 glasses per day, so do your research on proper hydration.

Exercise 30 minutes per day: Do a variety of abdominal and cardio workouts. Whatever it takes, find or make time to exercise.

So there you go, girls! Follow these steps to help get your gorgeous, flat abs! I know I can change many things to help flatten my tummy. I know it because I have done it. I think this should be a challenge to myself, therefore I am going to follow these rules and stay motivated!