All busy moms know it is hard to find time to exercise, let alone find the time to hang out with friends.  I have a small, core group of friends that have carried over from high school or college. I see each of them once a year, sometimes once every other year. The closest one lives thirty minutes away. Okay, I admit, I rarely find time for my girl friends. Most of my friends have young children like me and work full-time, like me. I may work from home, but I am busy all day long. When dinner is over and the kids are in bed, I usually vegetate in front of the television or go to bed. I rarely think about calling a girl friend to go get a drink, see a movie, or do whatever women friends my age do.

I usually can go about my life for months, not really noticing I haven’t seen any girl friends socially. Then it will hit me one day that I really don’t spend time with other women friends. I don’t have a close female friendship. The kind of friendship where you see each other several times a week.   My childhood best friend and I email, text, and chat on Facebook all day, but we see each other face to face once a year.  Sadly, it takes a lot of effort to get us face to face that one night a year.  I would like to spend some girl time with her and others, but I rarely have the time (or honestly, I rarely make the time). When I do have time for fun it is usually with my husband and children. I am lucky that my husband has been my best friend for all of these years.  We tend to have a lot of family fun together instead of individual time with our friends.

Facebook has brought back many childhood friends. It makes me feel connected and in tune with my friends and their lives.  It also flaunts in my face how much I miss out on and how much fun my old core group of friends are having with other friends.  I can name the new best buddies of my friends.  They tag themselves in pictures doing fun things like going to baseball games, out to dinner, have girl weekends, or attend a show.  Each day that I log into Facebook, I am reminded about just how isolated and disconnected I am from my old core group of friends. I really need to reach out to new friends. It would be nice if this new friend lived in my neighborhood or within minutes from my home base.

How do you make new friends at my age? I guess it is something I will need to learn if I want to have some girl time. I will have to make the effort and find the time. Before I do that, I need to find that one woman to connect, share, and just hang out with.  I hope I find her.