Maybe it’s because October is breast cancer awareness month, or maybe it’s just because they’re awesome, but Good Morning America has boobies on the brain (don’t we all)!  This week they had a bra-a-palooza going on.  We learned about bra vanity sizing, bra styles, and that like boobies themselves, bras come in all shapes and sizes.  Oh yeah, we also learned about some general bra maintenance.  Apparently you’re supposed to wash your bras, weird right?  Ok I’m not a giant dirtball, I’m kidding, kinda.

I have to be honest, before watching GMA I had never given much thought to bra washing, probably because I never did much bra washing.  I mean I totally wash them, but on an as needed basis, they just don’t need it all that often, maybe that’s one of the perks of having small boobies (I can’t think of another perk right now, I’ll have to get back to you).  I really don’t want to even think about how often I wash them, but its maybe more than 3 wears, less than 12 wears (hopefully)?

Slightly concerned (and by concerned I mean grossed out), I asked the Facebook community, how often do you wash your bras?  General consensus seems to be washing after 3 or 4 wears, but people lie.  I think its human nature to overestimate the good things, like bra washes, calories burned, and your own attractiveness, and underestimate the bad things, like what a scrub you are, calories consumed, and how annoying you are, so lets assume an average of 8 wears.

Well guess what?  According to GMA we only have to wash our bras after 7-8 wears.  Yup, you read that right, 7-8 wears.  Apparently washing them too often can stretch them out, or just misshapen them in general.  Although I think everyone can agree you should wash it sooner if you have a sweaty day, and hey we all have sweaty days.  What other expert advice did they dish out?  When you first wear your bra, it should be on the loosest hook, and tighten it over time.  Multiple wears before a wash and starting on the loosest hook makes sense to me, I can get behind them, but I can’t get behind their next tip, toss your bra after 6 months.  Say what?  Half a year?  Seriously?  First of all, what if you have a bra you really like?  I have a black and hot pink one that I love and is at least a couple years old, and I refuse to dump it because some day I would really like a dude to see it.  And second of all, the math just doesn’t add up for me.  Say I have 7 bras, so I wear each bra once a week, that’s 4 times a month, that’s 24 times in 6 months.  I don’t know about you but tossing a bra after 24 wears, or 3.43 washes, doesn’t seem to jive.  I’m not saying you should wear a bra until it disintegrates, but trust your gut.  Come on GMA; throw out a bra after 3 and a half washings?

Next you’re going to tell me I’m supposed to regularly wash my dress pants, please.