If you are a facebook follower, you know that we had a couple of challenges going on in the past few months and weeks.  First, is the 30/40/50/60 challenge for August (30 pushups, 40 squats, 50 crunches and hold plank for 60 seconds).  Next is the 5k a day challenge.  Run a 5k a day until labor day.

I would like to extend that challenge and a add a new quirk, a virtual 5k.  So, what is a virtual 5k?   Since we don’t all live in the same area and it would be impossible to do a skinny mom 5k in every city that are fans reside in…we decided to do an online challenge.  So on the weekend of September 23-25 we will have a virtual 5k.  There will be a place on facebook and also on the webpage where you and your friends can post a picture of you completing a 5k race.  The goal is to get 1000 people to do this in the three day window.



1.  Run/Walk a 5k on the weekend of September 23-25.

2.  Post a picture and a comment regarding the 5k you ran and who you ran it with.

3.  Grab friends and family members to do this with you.

4.  Please don’t fib about doing the 5k, if you didn’t do it…don’t say that you did.

5.  Have fun.


We will be offering running tips as well as daily give-aways the week before the 5k.  So, get out and start running!