Today marks 7.5 weeks out…and I am feeling good!

I worked on my back, biceps and abs today. I feel super strong and I know it’s not all in my head. I put my jacket on today and the back is too tight. #fitgirlproblems

Lately, my fit pleasure has been a Decaf Venti Drip at Starbucks. I add a few packets of Stevia and yum! My husband thinks I’m strange since I’m drinking coffee for “no reason” (hence, the decaf). But, it is really satisfying to my taste buds right now. It also keeps me from snacking and grabbing a nibble here and there while preparing food for the family. Another perk of this fit pleasure is it’s only 2 bucks, and wait for it…ZERO calories. It’s definitely a win,win for me!

It is so important to find things that you can enjoy while embarking on a healthy lifestyle journey. Don’t focus on what you CAN’T do, focus on what you CAN do! I can have decaf drip with I do!

Here’s a pic of me post workout today. I think my upper body is coming in nicely. I feel good and my body is responding, I feel really blessed.

Post Back & Biceps workout

Post Back & Biceps workout

Until next time..I hope you all stay focused in your goals and enjoy the journey!

-The Fit Strategist