Valentine’s Day is just as much a holiday for kids as it is for young lovers and married couples. There are lots of great Valentine’s Day crafts that kids an make to celebrate the holiday and share the love.



Valentines Day Cards
What Valentine’s Day would be complete without Valentine cards? Cards can be made from a huge variety of different paper goods from construction paper, pretty decorative papers, tissue paper, paper plates and more. Purchase some heart shaped doilies, red, pink and white finger paints, Valentine’s Day stickers and let them get creative! Of course if your kids are more computer savvy they could design their own in Word, PowerPoint or PhotoShop just to name a few. (photo credit)

Cupid’s Coupons
Creating coupons for things like a free car wash, dog shampooing, lawn mowing or hairbraiding is a great way to teach your children you don’t have to have money to show someone you care about them. It also shows them that giving their time and skills to someone for free is very rewarding. They can make the coupons using a computer program like those mentioned above or by simply drawing their own design on construction paper.


Valentine’s Cookies
Baking and decorating Valentine’s Day Cookies is an easy, family-friendly activity, while not exactly a craft, still allows for creativity. You can either buy the heart designed cookies from the grocery store and simply pop them in the over then have the kids add more decorations. Or you can make the cookie dough and have the kids help roll it out and punch out heart shapes then decorate with red, white and pink sprinkles, sugar, frosting and more. Then they can give the cookies away as Valentine’s Day gifts.(Photo Credit)

Heart Mobile Decoration
A heart mobile is a great Valentine’s craft to make that can also be used a decoration for a Valentine’s Day party or classroom. To make the heart mobile, you’ll need to gather pink, red and white construction paper, pencils, scissors, yarn, glue sticks, paper plates, tape or stapler and whatever crayons or markers you have. Have the kids draw a spiral on their paper plates and cut along that line then decorate the plate. Next have them cut out heart shapes to make a 3-D heart with the yarn in the middle (instructions found here). 


Valentine’s Day Card Box
Have the kids make a Valentine’s Day card box to hold all of the Valentines they have received throughout the day.  All you will need is an old shoe box, some construction paper, glue and a pair of scissors. The shoe box can first be covered with construction paper, or some Valentine’s Day wrapping paper, or even painted if you really want to get into it. Then the kids can cut out heart shapes and apply them to the box. For finishing touches, they can apply glitter, sequins, feathers, stickers or any other type of decoration you want to provide. (Photo Credit).