Fit Diva mom here…checking in from the beach.  I must say that I am truly very upset that I missed the first skinnymom fitness camp; but I am certain because of great ladies like all of you that we will have another as skinnymom takes over the fitness world and redefines skinny one mom at a time.  Now, onto vacation.

So, as a stay at home mom…vacation is a little bitter sweet.  I sometimes feel like I am moving my job from my home to another location but all of the same responsibilities plus some apply.  Going on vacation this time is no different, well with the exception that I get to do morning cardio early when the sun comes up and the waves are lapping by my feet and I don’t have to take the kiddos with me…that is a HUGE bonus.  But, laundry, picking up clutter, sunscreening and keeping the kids in line does not change. However, as I look around at the families that I have “grown” up with on vacation are ever changing.  I can remember when we were 5 yrs old playing games in the pool and that seems like yesterday; so I am pretty sure that my kids vacation memories will be full of great things but time will pass quickly for them too.

My family has come to the same place for vacation for over 30 yrs.  We know most everyone who comes and goes and this year is no exception.  Well, but there was one exception.  Now, let me say this…I pride myself on well behaved kids in public.  They aren’t always wonderful; but they behave 90% of the time out in public.  So, anyway…yesterday the man who works at the building stops by our unit and knocks on the door…the kids are wiped out siting on the couch watching cartoons (we had been at the beach and the pool since 10 am and it was now 4pm)….it was a long day.  He asked me to ask the kids to stop jumping up and down…I wanted to ask if he was blind…they were sitting right next to me…then he proceeded to tell me that they were jumping up and down at  5 am and that the people under us were complaining.  I wanted to say are you blankity blank blank blank kidding me…my kids up at 5 am. ha ha ha.  I wanted to say; “excuse me sir, I can’t get my kids up for school at 7 am, they aren’t up at 5 am”.  I wanted to say a great deal of things…but instead I nodded my head and said ” I don’t think it was my kids but I will keep them quiet.  For 30 yrs no complaints…no problems and now someone is picking on my kids….ummm not happening.  Oh and my husband was not here yet, so I went into mother bear mode and went to the office to talk to the man again.  Let’s just say when people leave early in the am…it sounds as if someone is jumping up and down on the ceiling…too bad some dolt thought it was ok to blame my kiddos.  But it is now straightened out…or let’s say I don’t think that I will be hearing from the office man again.  My kids are in bed by 10pm and sleep forever; they are worn out from swimming swimming and more swimming.  So, with vacation comes stress and I am really trying to not sweat the small stuff…we are here to make wonderful memories…not one’s of people complaining over silly junk.

I am still working out everyday…not my usual but I am doing something.  I am eating clean during the weekday days and having a healthy dinner and an occasional bite of ice cream.  Tuesday is a Disney day so I am sure I will have a ton to blog about that day.

But, we are having a blast swimming at the beach and pool.  Everything is so exciting to a 3 and 6 yr old.  We have seen manatees, dolphins and lots of fish. The water in the Gulf is so very clear and fortunately for us; it is so shallow that the kids can play pirates; life guard; and rescue boat until their hearts content.  It is fun watching their imaginations at work and it is super fun to watch them spend a good deal of time with their dad.

Until, next time.  Your race, Your pace, Your journey.  Be your own champion and define yourself.

Oh and here is my list of must haves for kids (we drove 16 hrs straight to get to our destination)

DVD player, Leapster, crayons, paper, map (my six year old loves to follow the map), ideas for games that they don’t play normally.  Like we practiced counting with colored cars or number of boats.  I even did one where we gave fun facts for each state or area we were passing through.  We also did a great deal of singing.  I didn’t get upset about the stops we had to make and was more than happy to let them run around for a bit; the trip was longer but they were so much happier.  Just be prepared and be willing to let them have snacks…be prepared for meltdowns and fits…but the destination is worth it.