Since we survived the rumored end of the world, I now must tackle the chores I postponed that week (I am ashamed to admit that part of me considered the apocalypse may occur and therefore didn’t see the necessity of doing laundry). As I mentally go over the things I must do around the house, the list is endless and quite daunting. Alas, I came up with a way to get things done and gain more time in my day. Yes, you read correctly–you too can gain more time each day to do the things you need to do.
Imagine a life without television. Now before you click the “X” at the upper right hand corner of your screen, just hear me out. Think of all the things you would get done, and the extra time you would have for your family, hobbies and working out! Gasp! But how will you keep up with what the Real Housewives are doing in Beverly Hills? Perhaps this sounds like a terrible idea to you. Relax, I am not talking about ceasing to watch television forever here. More like a week. And for the record, you can DVR the Real Housewives.
Here’s where your to-do lists and household chores that you’ve been putting off will come in handy. Let’s get things done! My goal here is to help you accomplish some things that you may have been putting off without realizing it.
Your Challenge: No watching T.V. for one week. You may have family members who are unwilling to participate in this challenge and that is fine–let them have their television. When they turn it on, that’s your cue to leave the room and get to (cooking, organizing, meal planning, taking down the Christmas decorations…I know some of you still have them up!, writing, working out, etc.) Now pull out those to-do lists and get to it. Too easy for some of you? If you are feeling courageous, try the no T.V. for a week plus no Internet after 6:00 p.m. (Yes, the same week).
Good luck Skinny Moms!
Photo Credit: SheKnows