Many moms have already had weeks of walking past their son or daughter’s empty room. The house just doesn’t feel quite like the same home after your kids move out for college. Lucky for you all, they are secretly missing the comfort of home. Whether they tell you or not, those dorm rooms and random roommates can seem… a little confining. That’s why we called in Dawn Bryan, founder of to share some ideas on easing the transition! Her expertise in gifting and consumer conscious has graced the pages of Vogue and Town & Country among numerous other big name media outlets. On top of all of her etiquette dos and donts and gifting protocols, she has some great, practical advice on helping your college students prepare for their academic years away from home. 

Fund Their New Expenses:

  • Coin bank filled with quarters for laundry or parking meters
  • Car parking fee for the first semester
  • Gift certificate to school bookstore for books and supplies
  • Coupons for local carwash

Select Necessary Items for Their Dorms or Apartments:

  • Gift certificate to a shopping website or local store for bedding and other linens
  • Footlocker or chest for storage, which can also be used as a table
  • Laundry bag with supply of detergents
  • Cooking basics, such as frying pan, knives, and mixing bowls

Help Them Keep in Touch:

  • Subscription to hometown newspaper or magazine
  • Framed photos of loved ones and friends
  • Calendar marked with birthdays, anniversaries, etc. of family and friends

Give Them Some Fun:

  • Season (or single) tickets to school games
  • Passes to local driving range, movie house, or concert
  • Membership to a local museum, sports club, or gym
  • First shares of stock, along with a subscription to investor news

Going off to college is a big transition for anyone, but with these thoughtful and fun gift ideas you’ll surely make your favorite student’s transition much easier.

Happy back to school shopping from The Qualipedia!