Even some healthy foods can send the scales in the wrong direction if you aren’t careful.  To feel great, stay fuller longer, and fit into those skinny jeans, practice portion awareness and build meals around vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, beans, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds, while limiting oils and sweeteners. Here are four healthy foods that can pack on weight!


1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil/Coconut Oil:  Healthy fats are essential for physical and emotional health; however, just a tablespoon of these oils contains 120-130 calories.  If you’re using these oils liberally when preparing your meals, you could be unknowingly consuming far too many calories. All oils, even these healthy ones, should be consumed sparingly. (photo credit: here)


2. Nuts, Seeds, & Avocados: These powerhouse foods contain healthy fats, fiber, protein, and essential nutrients vital to health.  They are also very calorie dense foods, making them easy to over consume.  A ¼ cup serving of most nuts or seeds contains around 200 calories.  One-half of a medium avocado contains around 140 calories.  Sprinkling flax seeds onto every dish, or grabbing nuts by the handful all day long may not be the best choice for your waistline. (photo credit: here)


3. Whole Grains:  Whole grains are staples of most healthy diets and rightly so.  They provide many valuable nutrients and generous amounts of fiber, which can help keep you fuller longer.  A typical serving of whole grain bread will contain around 100 calories, while a portion of pasta (about 1 cup) contains around 200.  These calorie counts are not unreasonably high, when we stick to a single portion.  It isn’t uncommon, however, to have two, three, even four times that amount in a single meal. (photo credit: here)


4. Natural Sweeteners:  Replacing white sugar with real maple syrup or local raw honey is a real win for you nutritionally, as they both contain various antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals which you won’t find in a packet of sugar.  From the standpoint of weight, however, they all contain around 15-20 calories per teaspoon. (photo credit: here)

“All things in moderation, and moderation in all things.”  -Unknown