Remember when you used to take off from your house as a kid and not come back until you were starving and dripping in sweat? Back then, all we cared about was having fun. Food, sleep, and protecting our hair-dos were the furthest things from our minds! Sometimes, we could do ourselves a favor by stepping back into that mind-frame! We would sure burn a lot more calories! Here are a few activities to get you back enjoying life like a kid, and burning calories at the same time! (photo credit: here)

1. Rollerskating– Yes, I do know what year it is… Sometimes, however, it’s a good idea to look at back at the activities that we had the most fun doing when we were kids. I remember leaving the skating rink just dripping in sweat and wishing I could stay longer. Skating is such a great activity that the whole family can enjoy together. (Just remember you’re no longer 11, and backwards skating and quick spins may take some warming up to!)

2. Paintball– Don’t be scared! Paintball wars are so much fun to do with either older kids or a group of your BFFs and at paintball arenas, safety rules are strictly enforced.┬áThis is DEFINITELY one activity that is way too fun to be left to the kids. So put on some long sleeves and jeans and work out your marital frustrations the healthy way…by shooting the heck out of your husband with paintballs!

3. Dancing– In the words of Rhet (Footloose), “there IS a time to dance”, and that time is now, ladies! Whether it be at a club, a wedding reception or a concert, don’t be afraid to get out there and shake what your mama gave you, (and burn off some of what your sugar addiction gave you)!

4. Trampoline Dodgeball– This will go down as one of my all-time favorite sweaty, exhausting, hilariously fun nights. Indoor trampoline places like Jumpstreet, have popped up all over the country. They are most popular with kids for birthday parties but they are a blast for us ‘old people’, too. Last year, we took some friends there for my husband’s birthday and jumped the night away on the dodgeball court. So fun! And did I mention that trampolines are becoming more widely recommended to fight cellulite?? Sold!

When it comes to cardio training, I always say do what you love. And, you’ll never know what you love unless you get out there and try something new. So think back to when you were a kid or try one of these suggestions to add some fun into your fitness routine.