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When my son was seven months old, dinnertime usually transitioned into bath time. My son always seemed to be covered from head to toe in his meals, from pasta in his hair to avocado in his toes! I usually undressed him right there in his high chair and placed him directly in the tub. It was around this fabulous age that we transitioned bath time to take place in the big tub.

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As a first time mom, bath time can be such a worry! Is the water too hot? Will he slip if I let go of him? Is the shampoo really tear-free? So many questions! Now that my son is 19 months, here are a few tub safety tips I have collected along the way!

Do not overfill the water! It is recommended that you fill the tub with only 2-4 inches of water. I absolutely agree with this when they are younger and still finding their balance. I will admit that with my son being at a slightly older age that I do fill the tub up to his belly button. I find that for my son and myself, this is a safe and comfortable level. Follow your instinct and do what feels right to you and your little one.

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Find the right accessories. A good bath mat tops my list of needed items for tub safety. Look for an extra long mat that covers the length of the tub. I found mine at Kmart, but most chain stores should carry them. Next on the list is a spout cover; they come in so many cute designs and can be found almost anywhere! Ours is a frog and helps make bath time not only fun, but also a learning experience. Lastly, I would recommend a floating bath thermometer for the moms that prefer that visual rather than having to guess if the water is too hot or too cold. These cute little helpers are awesome!

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Teach good habits. As I mentioned earlier, bath time is also learning time for you and your child. Remind your little one not to stand up in the bath or not to reach for the faucet handles. As for yourself, always keep an eye on your child. As a rule of thumb, I never bring my phone into the bathroom during bath time; it is not the time or place for it. Also, never leave your child unattended. If you need to leave the bathroom, then bath time should end. Good bath time manners will help prevent bath time ouchies in the future!

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Be comfortable! As much fun as bath time is for our children, it is not fun for our knees and back! Look into getting an elbow rest and bath time kneeler to help reduce the stress that is put on your body. These can help with any pain that is caused by the hard tile floor and porcelain tub.

Here’s to a fun and safe bath time! Remember to do what feels right to you! Have a tip I didn’t cover? Let me know in the comments below!