Body resistance training is no joke…if that’s not a reason to lose weight let me tell you, I don’t know what else is. When you have weights and machines, you don’t always feel the moves. You can zone out, forget about form and go home feeling “okay.”

TRX‘s suspension bands don’t give you that slack. You get all the benefits of a cardio and a strength training workout in one with this easy to set up HOME Suspension Training Kit.

Born in the Navy SEALs, suspension training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. This simple system will get you feeling stronger, both physically and mentally, in no time.

My three favorite moves were the crunch, the tricep dip and the  jump squats. First of all, I always have trouble getting my arms toned. While they aren’t jiggly, they tend to just get big…making me dread tank top pictures. Having to stabilize and use your core while you perform the dip will really help tighten the tummy. So, it’s a two-for-one move! A TRX crunch is as bad as it sounds. Your feet get hoisted in the cradles for this exercise. Your core is immediately engaged once you flip over as your legs want to swing side to side.


That’s the first trick, stabilizing. Now, I’ve done a similar knee tuck motion using plates under my feet. But, many times that move puts so much stress on my shoulders and back. The TRX crunch alleviates that tension and truly lets you hone in on the abdominal muscles.

The at home training system comes with a digital “locker.” In your locker, which can be taken with you on any mobile device, you will get your six workout videos and guides covering: chest & back, arms & shoulders, legs & hips, core, stretch, and total body.

Unlike a lot of other “set up” and doorway workout systems, the TRX is super easy to install and extremely reliable. It’s easily the most portable piece of fitness equipment I’ve ever owned!

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