bowl of fresh raspberries

If only it were more acceptable to eat handfuls of M&M’s and mounds of delicious buttery popcorn to fulfill our sweet and salty daily cravings. Do you ever wonder why you don’t crave healthy foods like lettuce or a bowl of yogurt and berries?  Well thanks to Huffington Post, we can now trick our brains into craving those super healthy foods and grab a handful of blueberries instead of two handfuls of M&M’s.

Eating healthfully would be approximately 100 percent more fun if you craved good stuff like broccoli instead of junk like Doritos, and now new research hints this could actually happen — although not overnight. A brain-scan study published in Nature by Tufts University researchers showed that after overweight and obese adults spent six months following a healthy diet, their brains responded less strongly to images of high-calorie foods like fried chicken or French fries.

For the study, five volunteers formed the control group and made no changes to their eating habits; the other eight participated in an eating program called the iDiet, which was developed by Tufts scientists and mostly features foods that are high in fiber and low on the glycemic index (a way of measuring the impact of a food’s blood sugar on our bodies).

The authors write that brain scans suggested that following the healthy diet seemed to dampen that rewarding effect that junk food had previously triggered in the participants’ brains.

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