Move Targets: Total body


Step 1: Shift your weight gradually from your left foot to your right foot and focus your awareness on your feet. With your eyes open, fix your gaze on a point a few feet away from you. It’s important to pick a point that is not moving, since gazing at this fixed spot with help you find balance and support you from falling.

Step 2: Shifting your weight slowly onto you right leg, keep it strong as you bend your left knee and raise your left foot off the ground. Place the sole of your left foot on your upper inner right thigh. Make sure your toes are pointing to the floor. You can use your hand to guide your foot if you want.

 Step 3: Bring your hands towards your chest and press your palms together. On an inhale, if you are balanced, raise your arms above your head. Hold this position for ten seconds and return to the starting position.

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