Staying fit while traveling no longer has to be difficult! In fact, it can be as simple as downloading an app that tells you where the nearest gym is! Whether you enjoy yoga, running or circuit training, you’re sure to find an app that suits you on this list.

GymSurfingAvailable for both iPhone and Android, this app is perfect for those who travel a lot but still want to stay fit. It will find gyms around you, wherever you are, and even offer you the chance to book a day pass! Passes range from $5-$20, so this free app is cost-effective as well!


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Om Finder: This free app from Lululemon is similar to GymSurfing, but instead of gyms, it will let you know of yoga studios near you. You won’t even have to call to make an appointment — just book it straight from the app!

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GymPoints: This app also allows you to find gyms and studios nearby, but with GymPoints you can also join group classes, get directions and even save money!


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Gorilla Workout: You’ll have to pay $0.99 when downloading this app, but it shows you how to work out without using any equipment, so think of the money you’ll save on gym memberships! Gorilla Workout uses just your body weight to help you strengthen and tone your muscles, all while losing weight.

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Map My Run: This extremely popular app gives you an awesome visual of the route of your run, but it also allows you to map out the route before you start your run. That way, if you’re in unfamiliar territory, you’ll only have to glance down at your phone to make sure you’re on the right track. You can even log your food and calorie count!

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Tabata Timer: Tabata training, or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), is becoming more and more popular in the fitness world. The workouts can get so intense that it’s difficult to time yourself, so this free timer will show you exactly when to begin your workout and exactly when to rest. To learn more about Tabata training, click here.

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Sworkit: This circuit training app allows you to create custom workouts with no equipment at all, so it’s perfect for traveling. It even has looping video demonstrations and allows you to challenge your friends via Facebook or Twitter! Best of all, it’s free!


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Power 20: So you just checked tomorrow’s itinerary for your business trip, and it looks like you have a jam-packed day ahead of you. Power 20 allows you to get in an intense workout in only 20 minutes! You can focus on your whole body, abs or butt, and there’s even a prenatal app available!

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