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Labor Day is approaching, the kids are starting school, and there seems to be less humidity in the air.  So, it’s time to move into fall fashion.  That doesn’t mean you have to pack away all of your tanks and summer dresses.  But, how do you transition some of your summer pieces into fall?  I’m here to help.

1)  Add a lightweight jacket or blazer to your summer dresses.  Denim jackets were big in the spring, and they’re back for fall.  Put one over your summer dress to add some warmth.  If you don’t have one, it’s a good investment as they seem to come back into style every five to ten years.  I recommend one in a darker wash as it tends to give a more refined, tailored look.

2)  Wear richer colors.  Did you know that many designers simply recut their best styles season after season just in different colors?  So, if you have a favorite dress or lightweight top from spring or summer that is navy, brown, or burgundy, keep it out and layer things on top or underneath.

3)  Leggings, leggings, and more leggings:  They are your best staple item for moving into fall.  There are so many leggings on the market but stick to ones that are thick enough so they don’t look sheer when you put them on.  If you find a legging that you love, buy it in every neutral color (gray, brown, black, khaki) you can find.

4)  Boots:  Wearing tall boots or cowboy boots with summer dresses also adds an element of coziness that comes with fall.

5)  Wear items with texture or add a scarf:  Take your favorite summer tee and wear it with a faux fur vest, cord jacket, or something with a leather element.  Fall fashion is always full of layering and textures.  I can never bring myself to wear even the lightest weight scarf in the summer, but now is the perfect time to add those lightweight scarves to your wardrobe.

Get creative with your favorite summer items so you can get more wear out of them this fall.