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Are you still plundering through the bottom of your kiddos treak-or-treat baskets cursing the fact that all of the bite-sized Snickers are gone…and then cursing again because you know you are the culprit responsible for their disappearance? Are you already dreaming of your grandmother’s famous bread pudding at Thanksgiving? Can’t wait until December 1 to justify a tall glass of frothy egg nog? (These are just hypothetical questions. Of course, I am not eluding that any of these things have crossed my mind already).

However, if (hypothetically speaking, of course) you may have answered yes to any of the questions above, then it is time to break out of that Halloween coma and make some fruitful goals that keep you active and engaged in your wellness goals while swimming in a sea of temptation and special occasions this holiday season. These special occasions can often be used as “special justifications” for paying less attention to staying active and healthy.

How can you do this? A great place to start is to search for a Turkey Trot in your area and sign up! Get a good run (walk, jog, whatever) in early on Thanksgiving morning and feel a little less guilty about that candied yam coma that may be in store later that day. Don’t have a Turkey Trot in your area? Plan a family activity that day that gets everyone outdoors and moving before or after the big meal. Flag football or Thanksgiving themed scavenger hunt anyone?

And no, Black Friday shopping does not count as cardio…well, maybe.

What are your plans for staying active during the holidays? I need to hear ideas!