woman doing foam roller stretches

Foam rollers are an inexpensive addition to your fitness equipment that provide excellent benefits, and many of you fitness-minded and health conscious ladies have already joined the foam roller craze. However, we bet many of you have limited the foam rolling magic to your back and lower body. Master Trainer Josh Stoltz teamed up with Huffington Post to teach new foam roller moves that work the entire body so you can experience that hurt-so-good feeling all over. With his instructions, you’ll be able to roll your body out of pain and tension and better prepare your muscles for the daily grind and rockin’ workouts.

Master Trainer Josh Stolz has designed this total body rolling routine. “Each of these rolling patterns address the most problematic areas where personal trainers and coaches find movement dysfunction and pain,” he explains.

trainer stretching lats on foam roller

Targets Lats: Position yourself on your right side, with your right leg flat, knee bent 90 degrees, your left foot flat on the floor. Place the center of a foam roller beneath your right arm pit, perpendicular to your body, and extend your right arm straight, resting your left hand on the foam roller. (Reach that right arm as far as possible to create more of a stretch.) From this position, roll from your armpit about four inches down towards your waist, and back again, for 30 seconds to a minute. Switch sides; repeat.

trainer demonstrating foam roller moves

Targets Thoratic Spine: Lie faceup with feet shoulder-width apart and flat on the floor. Center a foam roller beneath your mid-back or shoulder blades so that it is perpendicular to your body. (Note: You can move the foam roller up and down to target different areas of the thoracic spine while still doing the extension motion.) Extend arms out from shoulders at a 45-degree angle. Reach arms back behind you towards floor and back again for 30 seconds to a minute. Make sure that the lower back doesn’t extend — think about pushing the lumbar spine into the ground as you are reaching back.

trainer stretching hamstrings on foam roller

Targets Hamstrings: Lower yourself onto the floor, extending your right leg out in front of you, and bend your left knee so that your lower leg is behind you. Place the end of a foam roller beneath your upper right hamstring, just below the glute, and place your hands on the foam roller on either side of your leg. Roll your upper hamstring just enough so that your foot flexes down, and roll it back again, for 30 seconds to a minute; switch sides and repeat.

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Original Source. Photography by Mike Rosenthal