Sometimes all the responsibilities and daily tasks that come with being a mommy can leave a woman little time to get a workout in. And driving to the gym and back only wastes more valuable time.

I’m a busy working mom, and as much as I love the gym and the many machines and classes it has to offer that my house simply doesn’t, some days there is just not enough time. That is why I keep a good collection of workout DVDs. I can pop one in and just go.

Here are my Top 8 Workout DVDs:

1. Insanity – This is a high-intensity interval training program. If you follow the program exactly, it is 60 days. Even if you can’t commit yet to the full 60 days, they are always a great workout to pop in…you will definitely sweat! No workout equipment needed.

2. Insanity: The Asylum – This is part 2 of the above workout. If you’ve gotten pretty advanced with Insanity, then this will give you some extra challenge.

3. P90X – A great 90-day strength-training program. Some dumbbells and a pull-up bar are needed. This workout is a great challenge and provides great results.

4. TurboFire – I’ve loved Chalene Johnson since Turbo Jam came out, and Turbo Fire is a more advanced version of that. High-intensity cardio that melts the fat right off! Kickboxing and dance-based movements provide the ultimate full-body workout.

5. Physique 57 – These barre workouts challenge all the little muscles you didn’t even know you had. The moves help create that coveted lean dancer physique.

6. ChaLEAN Extreme – Another Chalene Johnson workout with ultra-challenging cardio. Melts fat away.

7. Jillian Michaels 30 Minute Shred – Jillian is no joke and neither is this workout. It’s quick, but definitely to the point.

8. New York City Ballet Workout 1 & 2 – This ballet-based workout helps elongate the muscles, improve flexibility and increase strength. It focuses a lot on the core.

Have a great {home} workout!

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