Surprisingly, the Ice Cream Truck is a safer place than the ice cream parlor or your couch. Why? Because everything is packaged and portioned. But, that doesn’t mean that you should pick whatever you fancy! There are some hidden calorie crushers. Here are  your top 3 choices according to Liz Vaccariello, author of 400 Calorie Fix and Editor-in-Chief of Prevention magazine. Click here to read more.

1. Bomb Pop: There are only 40 calories in one bomb pop and even more shocking, only 7 grams of sugar!


2. Fudgesicles: While this may have the word “fudge” in the title, an average fudgesicle is only around 90 calories and at 2 grams of sugar. Creamsicles are only 70 calories. You could get one of each and still be under 200 calories! (photo credit here)


3. Ice Cream Sandwich: The average ice cream truck ice cream sandwich will only run you between 110-160 calories. But, beware this does NOT include those “cookie-wiches” or “chip-wiches.” When you get into those you are adding close to 200 more calories!


Some other quick tips:

  • Choose heath bits over sprinkles: Sprinkles are only about 25 calories per teaspoon, but it takes a whole lot of teaspoons to cover your ice cream. Heath bits may be a bit more caloric per teaspoon, but the overall amount poured will be far less, reducing the total calories.
  • Pick fruit flavors over your chocolate or vanilla: Not only will there be actual bits of fruit, but this will also save you around 60 calories.
  • Be wary of “light” ice creams: Just because they are light doesn’t necessarily make them less caloric. In fact, most light ice creams only truly differ in the fat content.
  • Mind your cones: Waffle cones can add up to 300 extra calories depending on the size and type!