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With Valentine’s Day upon us, I know I’m not the only mom cringing at the thought of all of the unhealthy candy our toddlers will be bringing home from their preschool Valentine’s Day parties. With all of the “cool” Valentine’s cards and bright candy packaging screaming at our children to “eat me,” how can we compete? It’s easy with my top 10 list of non-candy Valentine’s Day gifts for our toddlers.


  1. Play-Doh
  2. Heart-shaped cookie cutters
  3. Legos
  4. Temporary tattoos
  5. Nail polish
  6. Bubbles
  7. Books
  8. Finger paints
  9. Bouncy balls
  10. Craft kit: construction paper, crayons, glue, scissors, ribbon

Toss all of the sugar-filled treats they come home with and surprise them with any or all of these inexpensive toys that won’t leave them with an upset stomach! You’ll both be glad you did!