Body resistance training is amazing: equipment-less and can be taken anywhere. But, with any exercise, the repetition without progression can start to wane results. If you are finding yourself doing interval training and the moves are getting a little…well, easier, pump it up with a set of weights.

1. Jumping Jacks: Trust me, jumping jacks will never be looked at the same when you are holding a set of weights. But, be very attentive to your form. You should feel the weights, however, you should not be thrusting your back to heave them back up. (image Credit here)


2. High Knees: Grab a set of 3 or 5 lb weights. Hold them up around your chest, with your palms facing inwards toward each other. When you kick your knee up, twist your body towards that knee carrying the weights with you. (image credit here)


3. Punch Sequence: Next time you are doing a kickboxing or boxing dvd grab a light set of weights. Here are some great kickboxing moves and combos that really burn with weights: punching bag; jab and hook; jab, hook, cross, uppercut. Remember to keep your hands up by your face still! Don’t let your arm bow or bend during the extension or punch. (image credit here)


4. Push Ups: Nothing builds upper body strength like push-ups and rows. Grab a challenging set of weights and hold them while in a push-up position. Perform a one-arm row on the right side and then do one push-up. Repeat the row on the left and do a push-up. Keep alternating between rows and push-ups for the twenty seconds. I often perform these as a finisher to my chest and back workout and they are a killer! Again, the heavier the weight, the more challenging it will be for both your muscles and your cardiovascular conditioning.


5. Burpees: I know that burpees are already a beast to conquer. But, once you have mastered the move it’s time to challenge yourself again. Grab a set of weights anywhere from 3-10 lbs. Hold them the whole time throughout the burpee. When you bend down to kick your legs out, keep the weights in your hands and adjust your grip so you are pushing off the weights. During the pop up, add an overhead press! (image credit here)