There are few things more important to me than my family. However, there is ONE thing each member of my family is learning to love and  has learned to love more than one another, and that is God.

My family and I were not always a God fearing, worshiping, faithful family. My husband had no belief, was living a destructive life, and was for lack of a better word “lost”. I grew up in the Catholic school system and went through all the “steps” but I let the world consume me, and while I prayed to God when I needed him, my focus was never on Him. It was after 6 years of being together, and almost 3 years of marriage I witnessed a miracle.

In April 2009,  my husband asked me where our Bible was. My jaw dropped. Long story short , my husband was saved by the Grace and Mercy of God. In return, witnessing the miracle of my husband’s transformation renewed my faith in God. We are forever grateful to The Lord for our wild journey that we know He made specific to us. (Trust me, this journey STILL has rocky times, but we are able to realize there’s a greater purpose.)

Needless to say, because of my family’s journey, I was overjoyed when I received the book, “Together” by Carrie Ward for a review. Somehow the Lord let all three children of mine nap at the same time, and I was provided some “mama-time”. It felt right, and as I floated away in our pool, I was sucked in.

Ward considers herself “an everyday mama”  and states this on the cover along with the Title and “Growing Appetites For God.”  While my husband and I realize that children learn from our actions 100x more so than our words, we fail often, get frustrated, and get dissappointed in ourselves. Ward’s book is a wonderful description of her journey, demonstrating how she lead her children in the ways of the Word even when the task seemed impossible.

I was able to relate with Ward immediately. She started explaining her struggles with being able to just sit down and read the Bible. She wanted to, longed to, but it just never happened. (Reminds me of wanting to work out, thinking about working out, but needing that extra PUSH to lace up my sneakers.)

Ward used her commitment to the Lord and her purpose as a mother to lead and train her children to stay consistent in reading the Bible aloud daily. She explained how they didn’t seem to be listening, but slowly saw the transformation as they began acting out scenes she had read during play time! This was so encouraging to her and myself as I read!  Even though it felt like a hopeless task at first, they WERE picking up on it! (LOVE how kids are such sponges!)

Her memories, stories, suggestions, and demonstrations reignited my passion and desire to read the Bible myself and have my children enjoy the stories with us! Even if you haven’t found your way to God yet, or have before and went astray, no worries, Ward is just like us – trying to be the best mom she can be for her children. And who can’t relate to that?! The best part is you can follow her journey STILL! Go to to witness her triumphs and struggles!

Her book can be purchased through links on her website, amazon, barnes and nobles, and other sites listed on her page! I would highly recommend getting that mama “ME” time in and relaxing with this page-turner!

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