While the exact origin of Sister’s Day may be a mystery, the message behind the day is loud and clear! For many of us, a sister is more than just a sibling; she is our first best friend, our keeper of secrets, our partner in crime and the one person we know we can always count on. Whether you’re a big sister, a younger sister, or somewhere in between, you know that amongst all the quirks and quarrels is a bond so deep it will never be broken. So, in honor of Sister’s Day, Skinnymom decided to compile a list of activities that you and your sister can enjoy together!

Engage in coffee talk…Whether you prefer to meet at your local coffee shop or would rather sip your mochas on the couch in comfy yoga pants, chatting over coffee is a great way to catch up. You can deal the dish on each other’s love life or simply share some old memories.

Sister's day is everyday for the Kardashian girls (photo from popcrunch.com)

Spa Day… Sure, we all love hitting the spa for a relaxing massage or much needed mani/pedi but everything is more fun with a partner! Book a ½ day (or if you’re game, a full day) at the spa with your sister. Relax together, laugh together, unwind from the stresses of life and take some time to get to know each other all over again.

Have a scrapbook party… Do you and your sister have boxes of old photos collecting dust in your houses? Why not clear out the clutter and put those photos to good use? Ask your sister to bring all of her photos (as well as a bottle of wine) and then begin creating memories. Whether you decide to create two separate books or one that can be shared between you doesn’t matter, it’s the memories you’ll stir up with each of those photos that makes this event a party.

Chick flick marathon…Who loves a chick flick even more that you do? Probably your sister! So invite her to your place (or head over to hers) armed with the chick flick essentials; wine, chocolate, tissues and a few of the best tear jerkers you can find. Much like the origin of Sister’s Day, no one can really define why two women bond so well over a love story gone wrong topped with Hershey’s Kisses, but Lord knows we do! So grab your sister, grab a blanket and get your chick flick cry on together.

What a pair! The Williams sisters double up for fun (photo from u8ldx.wordpress.com)

Get in some FaceTime… Have a sister who lives in another state or even another country? Why not upgrade from the phone to FaceTime? If you haven’t heard of it, FaceTime is an app for Apple products that allows you to not only call someone from your Iphone, Ipod or computer but also allows you to see them. If you or your sister are one of the few without Apple products, Skype offers the same type of technology on virtually any smart phone or computer.

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate this day, remember to celebrate it together. Relationships and friendships may often come and go, but you can always depend on your sister!