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I am a vegetarian but no one else in my family is. So what do we do for meal time? I like to give my family the option to eat vegetarian with me – or not – but I’m not running a restaurant here. So I try to offer nightly meals that have choices. Here are some of our favorite go-to healthy dinners that can be made meatless.


1. Stir-fry: I switch up the veggies every time; I buy whatever is on sale and in season. I serve the veggie stir-fry with rice, totally vegetarian, then on the side I’ll serve chicken or pork so that my family can decide whether they’d like to have meat with the dish.

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2. Tacos: We love taco night at our house. I’ll serve taco meat (we usually have ground turkey) and all the fixings – cheese, salsa, lettuce – but I also serve black beans with a little taco seasoning and avocado slices as the vegetarian options. Everyone has a choice and each taco is unique.

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3. Burgers: This is our easiest meal yet! We prepare turkey burgers alongside veggie burgers. I love a garbanzo bean burger, but I always have veggie options in the freezer. With all the condiment options, everyone can decide what their burger is made of and tastes like.

Garden Veggie Burger

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I’m usually surprised at the choices my family makes when offered options, but that’s the key – giving them simple options.