I may have mentioned that I am a stay-at-home Mama/wife/student and now that both of my girls are starting their school years, I have taken all the¬†necessary¬†classes, had a background check, and have been finger printed so that I can volunteer at their schools. I have to admit that while some of this was a bit intimidating and the child safety class I took was informative and so sad, I am wondering how much to volunteer for my kiddos. I mean, let’s be honest, after almost six and four years with me constantly, my girls need to learn from their new teachers. This helps them on so many levels, from interpersonal relations to being able to interact with adults other than family. A huge part of me really enjoys being a classroom volunteer and knowing all the kids in the class and being a person the teacher can count on. I love being a part of the class parties and watching how much my girls are learning and how much they are developing as individuals.

Then that little Jiminy Cricket in the back of my head starts asking me if I am doing this for them or me? While I do have a love of all things school, i.e. my school supplies blog, I also need to find a balance. Most teachers out there are amazing people and fabulous at their jobs, so there is no need for me to be there every single minute, or every single volunteer opportunity. But, after looking at the different kindergarten and preschool activities, I think I can manage a balance. After all, children need quality time with the special adults in their lives and quantity does not equal quality. So, knowing this, I will be trying to get used to a quiet house for a handful of hours a week and maybe gain back some of the peace and quiet I have traded for a house of busy kiddos.