If you’re like many women, you stare enviously at the long, gorgeous locks of Victoria Secret models and wonder how do they do it? While gorgeous locks of your own may seem impossible, there are things that you can do to help your hair grow longer.

Change your diet… Hair is made mostly of protein, so make sure you’re fueling it right. Without adequate of amounts of protein, your body cannot build new hair and the hair you currently have will only become weak. Make sure your diet includes a healthy amount of meat, eggs, nuts and fish to meet your protein requirements. In addition to protein, make sure you’re also ingesting adequate amounts of healthy fats like olive oil and avocados, as well as citrus fruits and green, leafy vegetables.

Work it out… Getting in regular workouts helps boost hair growth in two ways. Once, exercise reduces stress, one of the main causes of hair loss, and two it gets your blood pumping which actually stimulates the scalp helping hair to grow. Just three to four 30-45 minute sweat sessions a week is enough to get things growing.

Go easy on the bleach… The blonde bombshell look may be great for your social life but it can be tough on your hair. If your hair seems to be in total growth refusal, try going darker for a while and take a break from the bleach. If you absolutely refuse to say goodbye to your Bardot strands then at least try to space out your visits to the salon.  Getting touched up every 6-8 weeks instead of every 3-5 can greatly reduce the amount of damage done, and of course to keep hair healthy, make sure you’re having your ends trimmed each time you have your hair colored.

When styling, use good products… The absolute best option for hair health is to forgo all heat styling; stop straightening, blow drying and curling and you’ll notice a difference in your hair in a matter of weeks. However, the reality is that few women are going to give up their styling tools in favor of the natural look. If you love your styling tools but hate the effects they have on your hair, make sure you’re using good products. Brands like Moroccan Oil and Keratase are made to protect, moisturize and prevent damage, and are an absolute necessity for any heat lovin’ girl.

Take your vitamins…Taking vitamins specifically designed for hair growth will help to supplement the nutrition your diet may be lacking. While there is no miracle pill that will grow inches of hair in a matter of days, adding these supplements will give your body the nutrients necessary to not only grow new hair but to also strengthen the hair you already have.

When desperate, clip it…  If you’ve already tried these tips and still can’t seem to grow the long, lush locks of your dreams,there is no harm in adding some extensions. Today’s extensions can be purchased at your local beauty supply store, dyed by your hairdresser to be a perfect match to your own color and be clipped into your hair in a matter of minutes. Clip in extensions are made of real human hair, can be curled, crimped and flat ironed just like your own hair and can even be washed using your own high quality shampoo.

Whether you choose to follow these tips to grow your hair longer or get trumped by your lack of patience and decide to grab some extensions instead, the hair of your dreams is possible; all it takes is a little extra effort.