What stage are you in on your fitness journey?  Are you a newbie just starting out, a seasoned gym rat looking for your next challenge, or are you somewhere in between?  No matter where you are on your personal fitness journey, here are some tips to help you along the way!


The Newbie Stage

If you are new to working out, CONGRATULATIONS!  The hardest part is getting started and you’ve already done that! This is the stage where you are going to start feeling the changes in your body.  The key to getting out of the Newbie stage is consistency. Don’t give up!

Things to expect:  In this stage, your body is getting used to exercise and healthy eating.  Your body will be sore and your stomach will crave bad foods. Be prepared for it!

Things to focus on:  Proper form to reduce risk of injury (soreness is good, pain is not), consistency to ensure results, and the motivation to get out of this stage!

The “OMG I love this, I can totally do this!” Stage

This stage is when working out starts to become an every day part of your life.  You made it through the Newbie stage (whew!) and you’re starting to embrace, and even love, your new lifestyle.  As your fitness level improves the exercises you did in the Newbie stage become too easy.  This is the stage to step it up!  It’s time for heavier resistance training and faster, more intense cardio!

Things to expect:  In this stage you will begin to see your hard work pay off!  The weight begins to fall off, your clothes start to fit better, and the shape of your body begins to change.


The Plateau 

In this stage your fitness will seem to randomly stop progressing.  It will feel like despite your effort to improve, nothing changes.  Expect this!  When it happens, get ready to work harder and smarter.  To break through plateaus you have to change it up because your body has gotten used to your workouts.  It’s time to step it up again…step up the intensity, step up your weights, and try something new!

The key to getting off The Plateau is determination!  It’s at this point when most people “fall off the wagon”.  They begin to make excuses and eventually give up. Don’t do this! Determination will get you through.

Fitness Guru

You can consider yourself a Fitness Guru if you are in the final stages of meeting your fitness goals.  Your life has probably changed dramatically.  Now it’s all about enjoying the new you!  Your healthy habits have become your way of life, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Things to expect:  Fitness is a journey, not a destination.  Expect to set new fitness goals that you never dreamed of in the past!  Expect people to notice the difference in you!  Expect people to look to YOU for encouragement and advice.  Now it’s your turn to pass it on!