While on vacation, I learned a few things about staying healthy while still being able to enjoy myself. Of course vacation is a time to have fun, and enjoy family, friends, and fun, but falling off your diet train can be upsetting upon return! I didn’t want to come back home to having to  work out an extra 5-10 lbs. and feel uncomfortable with my body. Here are some tips on how to enjoy your time away without any regret later! (photo credit: here)

1. Pack healthy snacks with you to prevent getting too hungry in between meals. I packed single serve almond butter packs, chia seeds to top off my oatmeal or toast, green tea bags, and granola bars. I felt like this was enough so that I wouldn’t overeat or want to order french fries at every meal.

2. You can almost always substitute healthier options at restaurants. For breakfast, ask for them to make your omelet with egg whites instead of whole eggs. That alone can save you about 130-150 calories. Pack your own stevia packets for your coffee. For lunch, go without all the sauces they offer. They are all loaded with so much sugar. Drink a lot of water, especially on a summer vacation.

3. Pack a comfortable workout outfit and shoes. If there is time, you might be able to fit in a workout or two. Either at a hotel gym or a beautiful run on the beach. Even a swim with the kids is a great and very fun workout.