Here are my TOP 5 Training tips for the gym. Wanted to share them for anyone trying to hit the next level of training or just starting out as a fitness newbie! Enjoy!

1. Train Legs: Work your legs. Your legs are the largest muscle group in the body. Training legs will facilitate fat loss quicker than any other workout or cardio session. Not to mention, they will make your body look fabulous.

2. Knowledge: Learn the machines. When I first started training, I had no idea what I was doing. I would get on a machine not knowing exactly what muscle it was intended to target, thank goodness for the pictures! So make sure you get the help of a trainer or friend that can help you learn your way around the gym.

3. Mind to Muscle: By using the mind to muscle technique, you actually focus on the body part you are working. This will help you concentrate on the muscle you are trying to build.

4. Drop Sets: If you’re trying to see a transformation in your body, you must build and shape your figure. To do this, you need to build muscle that will in turn, burn fat. This is easier said than done. Like most women, it is super hard for me to gain muscle, so I normally implement drop sets in my workouts. Drop sets are done in this fashion: For the first set, you may use 65lbs for 12 reps, immediately drop the weight to about 55lbs and do 12 more reps. Make sure the weight is manageable but still difficult to perform all repetitions. Rest for about 30-40 seconds then start another drop set.

5. Intensity: This is one of the main difficulties I see with people not getting the results they want in the gym. If you’re not sweating and giving it 110 percent, then you’re not going to change as quickly as you hope. I see people in the gym, men and women, casually doing 3 sets of 10 with little effort. This is going to get you No Where, Fast! In most cases, your body can perform at a greater level that you expect. So, lift heavy with more intensity and begin to see what potential your body can uncover!

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