Holiday seasons is here! That means family gatherings, work, and other social events – and all that equals food, food, and more food Right? The calories and pounds will quickly add on one after another, and before you know it your scale moved forward 5-10 pounds.

Do you just forget about your health goals because it’s the holiday season? Do you join the rest in eating everything in sight?

Or will you make this year different?

Staying healthy might seem so hard in between smelling your favorite mashed potatoes and seeing that sweet pumpkin pie. So what can you do to not go overboard? How can this year be different? How can you find the time to stay fit and healthy in the midst of it all? Well, I have 4 super simple tips for you that will make it easier to ignore those cravings.
1. Always eat a big healthy filling breakfast. Why not some quick  protein oats or a spinach egg omelet with whole wheat toast, or egg pizza muffins. Starting your day with a healthy option will help you feel good and make healthier decisions throughout the day.
2. Drink water! Stay hydrated and energized. You can save tons of calories choosing water instead of soda, apple cider, hot coco, egg nog and alcohol. Drink between meals to help you feel full. Not a fan of water? Try jazzing up your water with these healthy homemade vitamin water recipes.
3.  Workout. Keep your body moving throughout the holiday season! Be creative, you don’t always need a gym. Go skiing, get your family together and play some fun games in the backyard, take your aunt for a walk and spend some quality time with her while moving your bodies, or play tag with the kids. Check out Skinny Mom’s Pinterest page for some Skinny Workouts!
4. Plan ahead. Eat a lighter lunch if you know you have a big party to go to. Pick and choose your absolute favorites.  Load your plate with salad and veggies and choose smaller bites of the fattier sides and desserts. If you bring a side to a party, always bring a healthy option you know you can eat a lot of. Check out our Skinny Appetizers and Skinny Sides!
Stay true to yourself. What do you want more? A healthy body and a happy mind or an added 10 pounds to your behind..? Put those big girl (holiday) panties on and commit to stay true to yourself and your bigger goals these last few weeks of 2012. Kick the excuses to the curb and make this holiday season your healthiest yet! Being healthy is a lifestyle and you are the only one who decides what will go into your mouth this season.
Have a happy and healthy day!