Most moms will lovingly tell you that they don’t need recognition, they love what they do and they love their kiddos.  But deep down, isn’t it nice to get a “shout out” from someone telling you of a job well done. We all work tirelessly day in and day out to be good moms, partners, employees, friends and whatever other title you can fill in and it would be so nice to get a little recognition.  Now is your time.

My friend Erin Rhoades, she is no relation, she has the “a” in Rhoades started giving hero/friend of the day shouts on facebook about a month ago.  She gives the reason why and a picture of the person and generally the person is very surprised and very thankful to be recognized as a good person, friend, etc.  I decided this would be a great idea for a blog.  I want to hear from ALL of you.  I want each of you to give a “shout out” to a mom friend in your life who does something everyday that helps others but is rarely recognized.  Just the tiniest thank you can make a huge difference in the lives of the person.  Trust me!  So, post who your mom hero is and why and hopefully we will make some mom’s days a bit brighter.

Have a great week.

Oh and ps… friend Erin is one of the kindest and most positive people I know.  She is not a mom, but a really terrific person and she makes anyone whom she meets feel good about themselves and their achievements.  She has fought her weight, competed and made a huge body transformation (including to die for arms). You can follow her journey (which involved struggles and triumphs) at Rhoades to Fitness.