Today is the last day of summer in our house, a very sad day indeed.  But school is not just starting; ALL day school is starting and that fact alone has this mama a little more than upset.

It seems like just yesterday that I was blogging about kindergarten graduation and the fun summer we have ahead; now bam, it’s over.  What also seems like just yesterday, was the birth of my oldest son.  The severe snowstorm that closed down the city; the fact that our neighbor broke his tractor trying to plow our driveway so we could come home; and  all the other whirlwind that surrounds a December 23rd birth.  Now, six and a half years later he is headed to ALL DAY school.

We have enjoyed our time this summer and have done some really fun things and we have also just hung out.  We have talked about meeting new friends and starting a new school and started our countdown for fall break.  I know some mom’s do a HUGE cheer when their kids go back to school; but I must say it’s not me.  Being a work at home mom is a great gig.  Sometimes it is frustrating, other times I do wish that I could wear a suit and go to the corporate world…but most of the time it is a really really fun life.

So, yes I know that for years mom’s have survived the first day of school…I just hope I do it without tears (on his part and mine).  My youngest will miss his brother from 8am-3pm more than I can express in this blog. I will miss the little boy who has been my right hand man since I quit my out of the home job more than six years ago.

Time does fly and it doesn’t stop.  Don’t take any time you have with your kids for granted.  I feel like next time I post it will be about graduating high school…that is how quickly time moves with kids.

Have a great week everyone!


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