We have hit a ton of the lower body and upper body muscles in the previous Tighten Up Tuesday posts. This week, we are taking it to the midsection: core and back. Don’t worry, this move will work your arms and legs as well. But, the main target here is the back. We are talking lower, upper, and middle. A strong core also involves a strong foundation and back.

So let’s get to it! Get ready to show off that toned back in all your spring/summer tops.

Place the Bosu ball down so that the blue or rubber half is facing upward. Position yourself on the top, center of the ball. You should be centered as well, meaning your legs and arms are (relatively) equally as far off the ball.

Get in your superman position by raising both your legs and arms up. Don’t strain your neck. Keep your body in a straight line and your eyes comfortably looking down.


Now we are going to add some balance practice with a little swim move. When you have found your balance on the ball and you are comfortable, begin raising your opposite hand and opposite leg at the same time. It should look like you are swimming or flying through the air, hence the “Superman” title.

Keep your arms and legs extended, don’t break the form. You should feel a tightening in your lower back and shoulders as you are contracting those muscles each time you rise.

You can amp up this move by staying up in the air or modify it by tapping the ground each time you switch hands/legs.

Do this 30 times on each side or keep it steady for intervals of 30 seconds until you reach a minute.

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