This move is sure to get your heart pumping and your arms screaming–in the best possible way!

For all of those hoping for warmer weather but dreading tank top season, this move is dedicated to you.

Grab your stability ball and take a big breath, relaxing your shoulders and preparing yourself for this move. Stand shoulder width apart and hold the ball in front of you. Your hands should be on the sides of the ball.

Now take the stability ball up and extend it over your head to the right. You should be leaning and really extending your whole body upwards towards the right wall. Watch your arms. Don’t let them bend or bow. Keep that ball raised a little in front of your forehead.

Now, pivot so your hips are centered and swing the ball down to your left foot. You should be sweeping the ball downward. Keep the movement wide; you are going to be drawing a circle in the air. Complete the circle and when you are back around to your left side, pull the ball up and over your forehead towards the left wall.

Once you have the arm motions down, add a shuffle step to the movement.

Reverse the movement. Swing the ball and your hips towards the center and draw a circle. Keep your arms straight and extended the WHOLE time.

Add this to your workout and do it 20-30 times each side.