This week we are targeting those shoulders or delts!

For this exercise, grab some dumbbells! I know, I’m totally at a gym in the picture and using a smith machine. But, the dumbbells at home will get the same results.

I suggest between 3-8 lbs. The larger range for weights is because we want to ensure proper form with this exercise. So, if you aren’t able to raise that 8 pounder without swinging your body or arching your back, drop down. This is about good repetitions, so the lighter weights are perfectly fine!


Now, stand with you spine elongated and your feet a comfortable shoulder-width apart. Your weights should be at your sides or thighs, with your palms facing inward.

While keeping this posture with heels firmly planted in the ground, take a deep breath in then exhale as you lift your arms up and out towards your sides. This means your palms should come from facing inward towards the thighs to downwards towards the floor. Keep your arms as straight as you can, don’t allow them to bow or break.

Notice your body’s movement. You should be still. The only muscles working to get the dumbbells up should be your deltoids (with some minor help from your biceps). If you feel yourself swinging and arching your back to pull the weights up, grab a lighter set. Also, watch the control on the way down. You should be fighting gravity.

Do 4 sets of 15 reps.

Challenge: Switch to alternating side raises. Add an opposite side leg raise for some balance training. Keep your back straight and isolate those arm muscles!

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