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Tighten Up Tuesday: Seated Overhead Press on Stability Ball

I hope you have been following along with all these Tuesday exercises! Again, we are putting that stability to fantastic use, which means your core will also be working too. Remember, the ball should be inflated to your personal comfort: the more air, the harder the stability challenge!

Grab a pair of free weights. Let’s up the exercise difficulty and aim for 10-15 lb weights! Take a seat on the ball. It’s time to bring back all your lessons about sitting upright at the dinner table or church or anytime you were with your grandma 🙂

Relax your shoulders and roll them back will keeping that core engaged. Lengthen the spine, suck the belly button in and make sure not to arch your back.

Lift up those weights to 90 degree angles. If you are arching your back, you may want to grab a lighter pair of weights. Now, push straight up with a big exhale. Your arms should be fully-extended overhead. Slowly lower the weights back down to that 90 degree angle. You should feel this in your back and shoulders. But, it should not be painful for your lower back. Again this is a sign that you need to tighten the core or reduce the weight.

Do 3 sets of 12-15 reps. For a challenge add 10 mini-raises or pulses when you are back at the 90 degree angle!