As hard as push-ups are, they give you results. There are so many muscles firing as you counter your own body weight. To drive even quicker results and really engage the core, you should add the stability ball.

Remember  reverse curl from a couple weeks ago? The same form applies here. First things first, roll out into a plank on your exercise ball! Stop when the ball is somewhere between your knee and ankle. The farther you roll out, the harder this exercise will be. The less your have on the ball, the harder to stabilize AND the more weight you will be feeling as you do the push up.

Check your form before trying the push up. Your back should be in a straight line. Avoid craning your neck up; keep the head face down. Place your hands a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Slowly lower your chest to the ground. This is another technical point: lower your chest NOT your head. Make sure your shoulders and arms are forming a 90-degree angle for optimum results.

Push back up and exhale to your starting plank position! Don’t worry if you are shaking or wobbling, that’s just a sign you are working hard! If your back starts to bend and your tummy starts to sag towards the floor, roll back on the ball. We don’t want to strain the back. Suck your belly-button in and push it towards the spine, elongating and engaging the core. This also helps prevent back strain!

Add this move to your upper body workout by doing as many as you can for 30 seconds. Challenge yourself by maxing out for 1 minute as you grow stronger!

To mix up the muscle groups worked you can make this push-up a yoga push-up. These are designed to target the back of your arms (and tighten up that dreaded flab). Rather than placing your hands wider, you bring them in right underneath your armpit. As you lower yourself, make sure the elbows are tucked in and are not pointing outwards. This is an intense move. But I know, you ladies can do it!