The dumbbell chest fly is one of the (many) and most underrated, basic exercises for your upper body. With proper form, this move will really shape your chest, shoulders and even a little of your biceps. The deltoids are crucial to giving you a sexy collar line and back for the upcoming spring months. Now, these are larger muscle groups so, the after burn will also be greater!


While I am doing them on a bench here, you can also do them on the exercise ball (which will target the abs as well): any surface that allows you the full range of motion to extend the arms back–a tiny bit past your back.

Okay, grab a set of weights and pick your preferred platform. Go heavier with the weights, around 8 lbs. Remember these are larger muscle groups, they can handle this weight! Now ease onto your back and bring those dumbbells comfortably to your sides. Breathe in as you lower the weights.

Your palms should be facing up when fully extended to the sides and inward towards one another when above your chest. Take them just a little further back, until you feel your shoulders tightening. Focus on this contraction for a second. Imagine you are cracking a nut between your shoulders, really tighten that back.

With an exhale, bring the weights towards each other, meeting above your chest. Focus on the movement and really feel your pectorals pulling those arms in. Imagine you are wrapping the weights around a beach ball. The movement should be wide.

Inhale and lower the weights down, slowly. You should be fighting gravity, not allowing your arms to fall back to the sides. Do 4 sets of 15 reps!

For a challenge, go to the floor and plant your feet shoulder width apart, setting yourself up for reverse tabletop position. As you lift the weights up in the fly position, simultaneously push off your feet shooting your hips towards the ceiling–this would be called a hip or pelvic thrust. Keep the core engaged and don’t lose sight of your fly form! Slowly lower back down, allowing gravity to give extra resistance–stay in control of those weights!