Okay, so I know that Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis are no longer together….but, did you ever hear his story on how he first saw her? It was only her back…that’s all he could see…but, he knew how beautiful she was and that he was in love simply from her amazing back.

Don’t we all want that slender, curved silhouette?! Well will this Back Extension move…you can kiss that bra fat “buh-bye.”

Grab you stability ball and let’s start!

Start by sitting up on your knees, with the stability ball in front of you. Now, lean onto the ball so that your stomach is on top. Your upper torso and chest should overhang just a little. Right now, your face should be parallel with the floor, your back should be flat and your hands should be tucked behind your head. It’s like the sit-up position…in reverse.

Lift your chest up as a unit with your head. Try not to completely arch or crane your neck. Lift up until your head is facing the wall ahead.

Slowly and in control, lower your upper body back to the starting position.

Do 3 reps of 15 sets! For an extra challenge, grab a barbell weight to hold onto during the exercise. But, be VERY careful not to arch as you lift the weight with your chest!